How to reach 11 hours of screentime with Framework AMD Ryzen Guide Windows 11

Can I have a list with everything I can do to keep the battery in a good condition and the screentime as high as possible.
I use this laptop mainly with android studio to program.
I have the AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series with Kingston FURY Renegade 2 TB SSD and Kingston FURY 32 GB DDR5-5600 Kit with windows 11 pro
How much power does every module add and what is the most energy efficient setup, the same goes for cable vs wifi.
windows settings?
bios settings?

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Here’s another thread where a use summarized some power config tips - Disappointing battery life on 13 Ryzen 7640U - #2 by TheTRUEAsian

As far as modules go, the USB-C ones are the most efficient as they are merely passthrough ports. All the other modules have circuitry that draw power. I believe the USB-A modules will draw excessive power when placed in the rear left/right slots due to some firmware issues so you’ll want to keep those in the front two slots.

Not a firmware issue, it’s due to the controllers that were chosen. Nirav has mentioned that in the future, Framework may explore a new USB-A card that could reduce power draw for shielded USB devices.

No user has done extensive testing on the power draw of expansion cards for the AMD Frameworks. There has been some testing on 12th gen boards but I wouldn’t use that as reference as they are different platforms and can vary a lot. As Knewman has mentioned, using all USB C will reduce power consumption from ports.

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Thanks, appreciate the clarification!

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The 12th gen boards also actually do have a lot of of firmware issues since they never got any BIOS support after launch (I’m still salty about that), so results from 12th gen might not be very representative of the hardware.

That still wouldn’t apply as they use completely different controllers.