How to store extra parts

How do you think extra parts for the FW 16 should be stored? Parts like the graphics module, input modules (spacers, numpad, rgb macropad, etc.), and expansion cards.

Is a tech organizer bag ok? Does it need to be made from a specific material?

Or should I just put everything in esd bags?
Also which parts (if any) need to be kept in an esd bag?


Personally I would look at putting expansion cards in ESD bags for the simple reason that it stops lint from the carry bag getting into connectors, and if that gets jammed in the USB-C connector that goes into the laptop then that will be an absolute pain to trouble shoot and clear - and you can guarantee that will happen at the most inconvenient time.

Someone on the forum is coming up with a 3D print design for a suitable container for the graphics module. I think it also has room for some expansion cards.

The spacers shouldn’t need any special packing, but a numpad or macropad would probably be worth a padded ESD bag.

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While that’s true for the touchpad spacers, the keyboard spacers do have electronics integrated to tell the input system that they’re present, so you better be careful with those.

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