How will you use your Framework Laptop 16?

This is going to be my main daily driver laptop, but as such, it means I don’t use it much, lol.

I already have a lot of laptops/desktops I’ve collected over the years, but I do hope to get rid of a lot of them (if I can find a way to sell them to make some money back without getting scammed).

But, as a “daily”, I hope to use it for anything I can’t do on my real daily, which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. Most of what I do nowadays is consuming YouTube, web browsing, Reddit, social media, etc. A tablet suits my functions well. I actually use my phone to check bank stuff and pay bills.

As for things that spills over to a laptop (my FW16): gaming (though I have a gaming PC that I use if I feel like getting up to my desk), heavy research that requires multi-tasking like note-taking, switching between a billion tabs, or requires side-by-side comparisons (tablet sucks at that), and managing my home network and NAS.

Since I don’t really get to use my laptop much, I get a sense of overwhelming joy when I do. This thing is ROCK SOLID, and feels premium. I really do enjoy using it over my work-issued Dell laptop (I guess you can call that my daily since I have to use it 8+ hours a day).

I do wish the speakers sound better. I love it with EasyEffects and a profile made by someone here. I only wished the tuning was done on the firmware so we didn’t need to install “yet another app” to fix it.

I was daily driving this as soon as I got it. Until the touchpad module died on me.

But, I’ve reached out with support and they’re sending me a new module, once I get it, I’m back on my sh** with Blender, Zbrush, and doing my artwork.

Suffice it to say though, doing the blender donut tutorial while in a coffee shop just felt… good.

Got mine and immediately installed code:block, Gimp and Deus Ex 3 ahah
Planning to do some gaming I couldn’t run on my previous computer, or redo some in a fancy way.

Like, Witcher 3 but the graphic for Geralt’s hair on max ahah