Hub for expansion cards

Would it be possible for someone to make a hub that we can slot expansion cards into? I know you can buy USB-C/Thunderbolt hubs, but if we brought some more expansion cards (say Micro-SD, 2xUSB-A and a HDMI) and we wanted to use them alongside the ones in the laptop, then if there was a hub that they could be slotted into which would then be connected to a USB-C expansion card on the laptop, that would be great!


Sounds rather like a generic USB-C hub would do what you want, EXCEPT that the sockets on those tend to be too close together to put FW expansion cards in side-by-side. Should work if you don’t mind using extension cables from the hub to the cards.

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@Ian_Darwin nice idea! I hadn’t thought of that one! Still, it would be nice if someone could make a custom hub and sell it on the marketplace. This way compatibility with features such as DP over USB-C would be guaranteed.

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Maybe a hub with the USB-C connections stacked long side parallel, rather than tandem.

The 3D printed case in another post, would be a good start.

See also the official Google USB hubs :slight_smile: They work with Mac or Windows so probably any OS.

Like a mini NAS? But with 8 bays instead of 4

I mean yes this seems like a good idea but as stated before a usb-c hub would work just as well. Though, maybe in the future framework will release a larger laptop design with more expansion slots. That’s my take on the topic.

Maybe a mod like sticking a USB 3.0 NanoHub into a usb module?

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Expansion card hub integrated into power adapter?

Would probably fall under patent Multi-functional hub integrated with AC power supply Patent Grant Li Feb [SIMPower Technology Inc.]. But some kind of piggyback design should be possible:

New power brick design + same form factor expansion card hub that could be mounted mechanically and/or magnetically on top of each other. Power to hub connection via USB-c and/or direct contact pins?