Hub for expansion cards

Would it be possible for someone to make a hub that we can slot expansion cards into? I know you can buy USB-C/Thunderbolt hubs, but if we brought some more expansion cards (say Micro-SD, 2xUSB-A and a HDMI) and we wanted to use them alongside the ones in the laptop, then if there was a hub that they could be slotted into which would then be connected to a USB-C expansion card on the laptop, that would be great!


Sounds rather like a generic USB-C hub would do what you want, EXCEPT that the sockets on those tend to be too close together to put FW expansion cards in side-by-side. Should work if you don’t mind using extension cables from the hub to the cards.


@Ian_Darwin nice idea! I hadn’t thought of that one! Still, it would be nice if someone could make a custom hub and sell it on the marketplace. This way compatibility with features such as DP over USB-C would be guaranteed.

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Maybe a hub with the USB-C connections stacked long side parallel, rather than tandem.

The 3D printed case in another post, would be a good start.

See also the official Google USB hubs :slight_smile: They work with Mac or Windows so probably any OS.

Like a mini NAS? But with 8 bays instead of 4

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I mean yes this seems like a good idea but as stated before a usb-c hub would work just as well. Though, maybe in the future framework will release a larger laptop design with more expansion slots. That’s my take on the topic.

Maybe a mod like sticking a USB 3.0 NanoHub into a usb module?

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Expansion card hub integrated into power adapter?

Would probably fall under patent Multi-functional hub integrated with AC power supply Patent Grant Li Feb [SIMPower Technology Inc.]. But some kind of piggyback design should be possible:

New power brick design + same form factor expansion card hub that could be mounted mechanically and/or magnetically on top of each other. Power to hub connection via USB-c and/or direct contact pins?

The power adapter is 58mmx58mm and the cards are 30x32x6.8mm so you should be able to fit 4 on top of the adapter if you turn them so the narrow edge is down. The wiring would be tricky but something like this would be close to the required size. If nothing else, you could keep the cards close by and plug into 1 at a time if you have an extra USB-C card.