Humor in the Data

Order Checking Regularities

How many times do you check your order status?

Assuming Framework collects this data from their website, I feel like it must be both awe inspiring and quite humorous to see the regularity at which the community checks their order status among other things.

I know I personally check my order page at least once a day and often more than that. I’ll check my email and be like; “hmm, no new messages from Framework… I’ll just double check my order status on the site to make sure my email is not missing anything”.

I also know from this community, which I honestly like more than most any social network, that I am far from being an outlying piece of datum. So how about you? at what regularity do you check your order status and or the community?


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I kinda check if orders are up for Europe every day.

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When I pre-ordered, I checked it every 15 minutes 24/7.

in an automated fashion ofc :stuck_out_tongue:


This made me check my order status but it’s still the case that Batch 4 is at least a month away :neutral_face: