I can't print from the framework laptop

As the title suggests, my laptop can’t print.
I can print from my phone.
I can print from my dual-booted laptop (both windows 10 and linux)
My husband can print from his laptop (Windows 11).
But when I’m on the framework laptop (Windows 10) and I try to print, it fails with a simple “drivers aren’t installed.” I try to install the drivers, and reboot, to no avail. I’ll also restart the print spooler service, and still nothing.

Is this a known issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Not a ‘known’ issue. :frowning:

Did you update the drivers?

Which printer is it?

How are you connecting to it? Wired USB, wired network, wirelessly?

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It is an HP OfficeJet 3830. I have connected through wifi, direct USB, and USB connected through a docking station.

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Check the usual suspects: Firewall, anti-virus…you will typically find details in their logs if they’re blocking the communication.

For example: How to allow a Printer through Bitdefender firewall

…did the drivers install successfully though? Did you complete the printer configuration after the drivers installed?