I need MXM gpu is not a long battle!

I need MXM gpu is not a long battle!intel’s GPU no better than nvdia’s MX 3050 etc



MXM isn’t really supported by Nvidia or AMD so you’re stuck with integrated or external graphics. Besides, the chassis isn’t built for a dGPU in it, cooling that would be quite difficult with the current setup


Just do what I am doing (eGPU Dock when at home for gaming)

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MXM is kinda dead isn’t it? Most mfg’s modified it the shapes and never updated the gpus. Gen 3 thunderbolt is almost good for most things and Gen 4 will be more capable as the intel leaks are showing 80Gbps for thunderbolt 4. I would be neat if Framework could leverage their intel relationship to get access to the thunderbolt pci-e chipsets as there is still only a few manufacturers that have made enclosures.

If I understand correctly all the ports have thunderbolt capability but I wonder if that means each has it’s own dedicated 4x pcie capability… and then the hairbrained question… could they combined again afterwards (I doubt thunderbolt works like this, timing is important) to make 8x pci-e 3.0. I kind of wonder if a “backpack” (butt-pack?) mobile thunderbolt solution with it’s own battery could happen. Turn Framework into mobile workstation.

Yeah, its basically dead. Only 2000 series nvidia cards were made by…clevo I think? No Ampere cards in MXM. It’s not like anyone really supported it anyways.


How big of a GPU are you talking then? With proper ventilation you’d have a fairly tall setup that isn’t super portable. You’d also need wall power for it too, the framework laptop only has a what, 65W adapter for the whole device. Any decent gpu will pull more than that on it’s own. Either way, it’s not super portable and you’re probably better off with a regular TB enclosure

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That’s definitely a tough sell. Almost 100% beyond the scope of a small company like FW. You’d have to get someone like ASUS on board, though I think they do have a small card addon like that. The issue is that they likely wouldn’t sell it to other companies.

Honestly if you’re after more gpu performance you’re better off waiting for a new model or just using a standard enclosure. The power delivery again is just not sufficient for the hardware to also power a gpu, even a mobile one.

It’s a shame, but it is what it is


4xpcie it’s enough ,P106m is an example,75W tdp but Performance over gtx1050 (mobile),Similar to 1030 1050 1650,And Android apps can’t run smoothly with kernel!
How to solve the problem of running Android applications in Windows 11?

and I spell wrong Battery is not battle,sorry

Still won’t run on the laptop without external power. The charger brick for the laptop itself is only 65W.

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Is it possible to make a kit with a separate graphics card?likes 3060

The problem is you would need to build it into the motherboard and there is limited space as it is. Though a APU is the best for space for performance. Though a Ryzen with either Nvidia or AMD GPU chips would be cool, the size is limiting factor. Would be easier to implement an eGPU with Thunderbolt 4.

yes,wait for apu now…

Yeah, a future board with DDR5 and a navi igpu would be pretty sick if the steamdeck can perform well. That should 100% work with the cooling system on the laptop

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As many times I tried to reason out this idea myself, using the thunderbolt ability, and though maybe add a 70 - 90 wh battery with it’s own separate thing, and using off the shelf GPU, I keep finding the business case falls apart due to the niche of a niche market. That adds another problem, unless you have history with Intel or enough reason for them to talk to you you can’t get the thunderbolt to pci-e controllers as they aren’t off the shelf. Say Framework sells 50k - 200k of these first units (meaning successful market adoption before a design revision) then lets say how many want a gpu (10%?), how many will pay a premium (15%?), how many need it to be mobile (5%?) as opposed to dock and we get 0.075% of the framework market or as low as 40 - 150 people. To make a product that a tiny startup could at least break even on the engineering (if they don’t outsource, so have the unique skills in house which is super uncommon) you need to sell 500 - 1000, or 1 - 5% of framework laptop people. But Intel likely won’t talk to you unless you’re talking thousands and can fund that, same with GPU’s to do custom GPU work. The best hope like 1110 said – maybe AMD APU in future product? Buy a thunderbolt PCI-E housing for now

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