Idea: external GPU support

I have no idea if it’s possible with the framework but external gpu’s have been done would they work? i don’t know if you would design your own system or see about supporting an existing system “would probably need to check for licensing issues”
Like dell’s.


As framework supports thunderbolt (unofficially as they didn’t get the licenses yet), eGPU’s are indeed already supported. I think there are threads about it where people tried it out and shared their experience.


Thunderbolt 3, m.2, and mPCIe eGPUs will all work with the framework, best bandwidth/convenience trade off being Thunderbolt 3. In my case, purchasing an x16-to-m.2 board with an m.2-to-thunderbolt converter, a power supply, and an old midrange graphics card roughly doubled the cost of my setup, but graphics card prices have come down significantly since then.

Windows works flawlessly; Linux has certain teething problems.

My setup is Framework 11th gen EndeavourOS (arch derivative) linux + Sonnet e550 + nVidia 1050Ti . This works well on X11 with some manual configuration, but in Wayland more problems by far.

So yes, the hardware is perfectly capable of supporting eGPUs. This has been well documented in other threads in this forum. Search is your friend.

Nothing popped up searching for external gpu.
But I didn’t know they get called egpu’s

that’s because they’re a standard desktop gpu in an enclosure that provides an interface and power. You’d generally get the enclosure and the gpu separately.

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You can find a lot more info than is available here on the forum Anything on there that’s Thunderbolt 3 or 4, m.2, or mPCIe will work with the Framework (the preference being Thunderbolt for many reasons you can find there as well).