[IDEA] Second screen instead of keyboard + trackpad for new Framework 16!

The title says it all! Just watched the LTT video of the new Framework 16 and saw the entire keyboard / trackpad / sides can come off and be replaced and moved around.

One thing that caught my eye was the prototype mini display they showed and it made me think of something: Why not sell a second screen that covers the entire bottom of the laptop so you can have a dual screen laptop? It seems entirely possible with this new design :smiley:

This is inspired by the new Lenovo yoga book 9i and i think would be a super cool addition to upgrade your laptop for those who want dual screens in a laptop sized package!

You will of course need a bluetooth keyboard and a stand for the laptop like Lenovo did :slight_smile:


Search the forum. There is an idea of having a touchscreen pad / drawing screen

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Omg, i would love that idea!! Please consider this one :slight_smile:

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Man I thought the same thing. I was considering the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i just because it had a dual screen. I love my mechanical keyboard, and throwing that, my mouse and this with dual screens in a bag would be a legit power station for remote work without having to carry a second display. I hope that gets developed.