iFixit USB-C adapter for charging

I saw iFixit has a new USB-C charging adapater

Looks really cool. I wonder if we could some kind of modular adapter (different plugs for different countries and for different wattage), though considering the low margin products not sure if it is worth it.

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Framework’s power adapters already have this! They use a standard C5 connector to attach from the adapter to the cable that plugs into the wall, meaning you can get a replacement cable for any country very easily!

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I was actually looking at a non-cable solution like those travel adapters. And possibly a way to swap the innards for different wattages.

Well lower wattage units may fit, but you won’t save much power and larger powered units will no doubt be bigger and require a bigger ‘box’

It’s probably more economical to make different wattage items than fuss around swapping the innards

That is way too expensive for a 65W charger. You can find reliable 65W chargers for 1/3 of the price.

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Part of the price is probably the 240W rated cable it comes with. And how cool it looks.

It doesn’t look user serviceable too actually.

And yea, probably even if Framework could make some kind of modular design I would think that everyone will still probably get the cheaper ones and just replace the whole adapter when it fails.

Ideally (and unrealistically), the power adapter should come in three user-selectable parts, each part with various options:

  1. Power connection to the wall: Country and cable length or direct (no cable).
  2. The main brick wattage.
  3. The usb-c cable length and supported max wattage.

Framework has done the first step…having the power adapter module in three parts, and allows the select of country for the part-1 cable.

Would be nice if there’s a part-1 cable length / direct to wall option. (Let’s face it, people hate cables)

The direct to wall option was ruled out (I’m guessing) because of the typically somewhat proprietary / non-standard design (e.g.):

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Opening up the internals of an AC power adpter for user servicing present a massive liability in most cases, those components can be dangerous. Making it modular to the point of safety would probably increase size and reduce efficiency too much to justify it.