I'm exitecd for the day When Laptop go back to Ford Level (read more)

I hope PC’s like this reach Ford Tractor levels. Here’s The Story: I come from the countryside I’ve taken repair-ability for granted. My dad have owned a Ford Tractor since 1981 that Still works 40 YEARS Later, all because Ford had openly offered spare parts that has allowed him to maintain It ever since. Add to the fact ford are well build. Today my dad might not be able to maintain it any longer due to age, he could still give it away and the next person could still use. That’s the power of repairing/upgrading things! Long live FrameWork.


I’d like to see 10-20 year old frameworks getting sent to those in unfortuate situations, schools, and turned into home/blockchain servers and maker projects, to live on even after they are not top-of-the-line. Long live framework!