I'm going to create the most ballin setup for science so y'all dont have to

So I pre-ordered the i7-1260P and am going to do all the stupid things to see the difference in performance/thermal characteristics so the forum members don’t have to. I cannot emphasize enough how silly it is to liquid metal this laptop but I’m going to do it anyways. I’ve purchased Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut and their conformal coating as well as their most performant thermal pad for placement on the SSD and a thin copper heatsink. I don’t expect the RAM to need any kind of cooling since it’s at stock but I did make sure to purchase a dual-rank, dual-channel kit so that should be boost performance a little. I’m purchasing a Kingston kit that supports Cl 20-22-22-22, I’ll be testing it in my fiancee’s laptop to see if it runs at 3200MT/s natively. I’ll report back when I can confirm.

I did not go for the i7-1280P because I neither need nor want vPro and I’m unwilling to pay the extra $500 for 2 extra cores that I don’t need.

I will eventually purchase an eGPU enclosure, specifically the Cooler Master EG200 as it is among the most compact. I expect that purchase will come along in 2-3 months. I’m as yet undecided on the SSD, I’m open to suggestions but I’m leaning towards the P41 assuming the power efficiency is better than any other PCIe 4.0 drive and it’s single sided.

What other suggestions can you guys think of?


You say that because the thermal solution cannot handle boost to 60W and PL2 is so short anyway?

I think it would be good to see what the improved standby drain is like and overall battery gains that can be had. From the benchmarks I saw leaked the improvement to performance isn’t that significant and TDP is the same.

What do you plan to do with your existing mainboard?

Took a look a Dbrands skins, not sure I like any of them :sweat_smile: but I would say the “Dragon” and “Wood” look decent.

More like I expect the effect to be negligible and a high-quality thermal paste should be just as good without any risk of shorting components, plus the liquid metal will diffuse into the copper heatsink over time, necessitating replacement

Haven’t got one, I waited for 12th gen before purchasing

Actually purchased some skins after posting, I got the pastel purple for the palmrest, matte black for the trackpad, the robot skin for the top and bottom. I expect I’ll replace the top skin at some point but I balked at spending over $100 on vinyl skins right off the bat. It’ll be eye catching regardless and that’s what I want! Oh, I also plan on getting the orange bezel.

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This is why I won’t use it! :slight_smile: I do expect you will see significantly lower temps than your stock paste however, 5-10*C off of peak is my guess.

:smiley: hehe I think you will have a very unique laptop, I hope you enjoy it! Keeps us in the loop with your tests!

Edit: SSD, I couldnt get a P31 without using Amazon so I opted for a Samsung 980 Pro, still decent effiency with more performance then I will every need.

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I also Ordered the i7-1260P DIY, I decided to get A 1TB saberent Rocket it is one of the first gen SSDs so it isn’t the fastest but It will work.
I pickd out some 3200mhz Timtec ram 32gigs of it, probably overkill but it wasn’t a bad price.

I’m not really in the market for A EGPU since I have A decent Gaming desktop but I was looking for A enclosureless one for A project I have in mind maybe… We will see how that shakes out.

The only thing about Liquid metal is it leaking onto the board or eating away at the bottom of the cooler.
I was considering getting some better paste I need to fix up some old consoles anyway…
I can’t seem to get any Thermal grizzle paste here in canada for A decent price…
I will need to shop around A bit for sure.

I’m very excited to get hands on with the Framework in hopefully July. I have been laptopless for A while.

That’s what the conformal coating is for and since the cooler is copper it won’t corrode like aluminum would

Make sure it doesn’t need XMP! Otherwise it’ll run at 2666 or 2133MHz

I just matched the spec they sell on the marketplace. XMP should be supported… Since that is how DDR4 works, I have never used DDR4 on A laptop though.

I will need to poke around the forums A little more before I pulled the trigger
The laptops aren’t shipping till July anyway.

Or at least that is what I was quoted. The i5 seemed way more popular.
I might even Try my hand and making An expantion card I just need to have mine for A bit to see what I would want…

But it’s not on this laptop. You need DDR4-3200 native, if it’s 3200 through XMP it’ll run at 2666 or 2133 as @GhostLegion indicates.

This is JEDEC spec DDR4-3200W (20-20-20), DDR4-3200AA (22-22-22) or DDR4-3200AC (24-24-24). So you’ll recognize it by the higher CAS latency - although it’s natively faster. Most of the DDR4-3200 seems to be CL 22, so it’s DDR4-3200AA. Someone did post of finding CL 20 (DDR4-3200W), but it’s rare.


Very Useful info thanks.

I just checked the Listing, It doesn’t mention XMP anywhere on the listing and is CL22. And all the reviews are saying it dosen’t use it (this must be A big problem with Laptop DDR4).

Like I said I haven’t used A laptop wth DDR4 before so not having XMP … (Xtreme memory Profile) makes scense for power savings, and what not.

Thanks Again the sanity check alone is great. Still waiting until closer to my ship date before I buy it.

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Sounds good - when you see a “disappointing” CL of 20, 22 or 24 this is a good indication. This is not overclocked/overclockable memory.

DDR4 SODIMM is a little rare since most manufacturers moved to soldered-in LPDDR4 so CPU memory controller support for XMP in midrange mobile CPUs is limited.

Ah…so no XMP support for the 12th gen mainboard either? I guess, to put this into perspective, the question then becomes “Who does? / Which laptop has XMP support?”. Is this a limitation on the processor itself (by Intel)…and not really a limitation of the BIOS / mainboard implementation?

Gaming laptops mostly. I really can’t say why, I know that Intel has long considered RAM overclocking equivalent to CPU overclocking and accordingly locked it down. There is a quote floating around here on the forums that I’ve linked to before by a Framework employee that said it was an Intel limitation.

[Laptop] Systems with H processors do…but I’m not sure if the u/p processors have this.

Technically that would be their carbonaut i.e. the graphite thermal pad designed for CPUs and GPUs - you don’t mean that, do you?

(I have actually kind of wondered about using it in-place of a traditional thermal pad, but thus far I’ve not actually even had a situation where I needed to apply a new thermal pad…)

Eh, Thermal Grizzly gives Carbonaut 4 stars for thermal conductivity and their Minus Pad Extreme 5 stars. What the translates to actual, real-world performance, I have no idea.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they’re relative rankings for a given category, e.g. Minus Pad Extreme is compared to other thermal pads that are designed for memory chips, m.2 SSDs, chipsets, VRMs, etc while Carbonaunt is compared to thermal pastes and graphite pads used for CPUs and GPUs.

I say this because I really don’t think Minus Pad Extreme is going to really work much at all for transferring heat from a CPU or GPU; meanwhile I myself have used Carbonaunt when I fixed my cousin’s RROD’d Xbox 360 under the premise that I’d prefer to not take the thing apart again.

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It’s really unclear tbh, in general I would agree with you, hence why I’m using it on the SSD and not my CPU. That said, the marketing materials give the impression otherwise as both are labeled thermal pads and the packaging for the product indicates that it is meant for overclocking but doesn’t specify what kind. I would expect memory/VRAM overclocking but again, it doesn’t specify.