Import to the EU

A question for all EU members especially Germans, did y’all payed an extra fee like an importfee?

I didn’t pay anything for an order sent to France.

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Because DHL contacted me for informations. I think because of fees not sure from the Zoll/Douane or EUimport fees.

DHL contacted me too but to choose the delivery method : directly at home or to pick-up point.

My method was already choosen for those station. They asked me things like adresse. but thanks i will see

@Pit_Nothum I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that Framework will take care of all import fees and if your carrier asks for import fees that you should contact Framework.

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Thanks man. Thats the answer i needed

In the UK VAT was paid by Framework, and it was just a straight forward delivery.

However if the paper work gets messed up, the carriers may ask for a payment, which a pain and embarrassment o resolve.

Hope its going to work.

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German batch 8 here, no import fees or anything. They deliver the parcel to you and that’s it.

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Gut das hilft weiter, Danke! :slight_smile:

To be clear, when Framework says they are open to doing business in a particular country and they are charging VAT, then there should be no customs fees. That is the whole point of being legally able to do business in the country of question.

My guess is that the carrier is simply misinformed or made a mistake.

Maybe not that straight forward.

Sending an item to another country isn’t doing business in that country but with a person in that country.

If Framework were doing business, in the UK for example, they would have a VAT registration number which would be printed on the invoice. Then businesses could reclaim the VAT, this doesn’t happen at the moment.

That Framework are covering VAT could just mean they pay the couriers to facilitate and pay taxes so the delivery is smoothed out.

See also this Recent Customs Issues with Framework Laptop Orders (UK, FR, DE)

Yes and no. I fail to remember the name of the program, but the EU does have a program where sellers outside the EU can handle their EU VAT for sales to the EU. That would happen before the courier is involved.

However, the courier does of course have a legal obligation to ensure they are not “smuggling”, so if anything looks off with the paperwork from things like the before mentioned program (whatever it was called), they are legally obligated to hold the parcel and investigate/collect/yadayada.