Impressive Idle Power under ubuntu 22.04

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I came across this on reddit:

This is the best idle power consumption i have ever seen under linux on the framework. At the moment i am using kde/plasma under archlinux and i have never seen values coming near this. (even with all powertop auto optimizations)
Does someone know if it is connected to ubuntu optimizations of their kernel or did gnome and the connected power management get alot better? (in the past everyone suggested kde/plasma or something more lightweight)


I wonder if other distros will be seeing this kind of power optimization? I’ve been messing with Fedora in a VM lately, and it would be awesome if Ubuntu could regain it’s desktop crown in the Linux community.

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I would also like to know if I’ll see the same gains on Kubuntu LTS when 22.04 is released.

I was able to get close to this number on Fedora 35 after a powertop --auto-tune

But this is with limiting the vm_writeback in tuneables.
If I could get sleep to work as well as this it should be comparable to my old XPS 13 (idles at 4.5w) which would be awesome.

Just idling, at 33% brightness, with stock 5.17.1 on Arch:

A few manual tweaks, and had to pull out the USB-A card, which drains ~0.5W.

The really awesome part of the result I posted is that it required no tweaks whatsoever - just selected Power Saver in the power menu. Of course the exact SSD, amount and type of RAM, the set of expansion cards plugged in can make a lot of difference. This was with 2 USB-C expansion cards as well as 1 USB-A and one empty slot. SSD was WD SN850 with latest firmware. RAM was 2x Crucial 16GB.

Getting similar numbers on Debian/testing (which of course Ubuntu is very similar to); the main trick is to avoid going into s2idle suspend, because after resume from that it is up to 5 W (all 50% display brightness; for a few more checks, see Linux battery life tuning - #161 by Marten_van_Kerkwijk). I only wish resume from “deep” suspend didn’t take so long!

EDIT: link to solving problem of large idle power after resume from s2idle: Linux battery life tuning - #156 by technical27

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Holy shit. What sort of sneaky bug is this?? I just tested it on mine. 3.1W before suspend, 5.6 after. I’d have never suspected this would happen. Wow.

Edit: Resolved using info from the linked thread. Thanks @mhvk !