Improvements could be made to make it more attractive to customer

Just checked LTT’s review video, I am surprised that there is a company that doing for customer’s good. Well done. But I can definitely see there are improvements could be made to make it even better (very very very subjective).

  1. More form factor selection 14"/15.6", I personally really enjoy using 14" laptop, it is easy to carry around.
  2. Inclusion of Ryzen APU “U” series. “U” series APUs have good multi-core performance, better thermal performance and battery longevity than Intel, and it’s cheaper, so why not?
  3. Discrete GPU, preferably 1660/3050, or even MX450, for lightweight gaming experience. But I doubt if single fan cooling solution is sufficient enough to cool both CPU and GPU. I personally would love to see 3050, but if that’s the case, a two fan cooling solution might needed which increase the cost. But I am more than happy to pay more since I am the kind of customer needed CUDA and NVENC.
  4. More screen size option, preferably 14.0" 2.2K (2240x1400) IPS 300nits Anti-glare, 60Hz, 100% sRGB. This screen size is 16:10 and it has extraordinary viewing experience. FYI, Lenovo ideapad slim 5 pro 14 has this screen and it has really good user rating back in China mainland. 16:10 screen is also becoming a main trend since it really increases productivity (excel input) when comparing to your existing 3:2 screen.
  5. Don’t make the exhaust fan/exit blowing to the screen, the exhaust exit should be set on the back of the machine. A lot of laptop vendors put their exhaust on the hinge section and blow hot air onto the screen which is extremely stupid and non-sense these day.

I really wish there is a 14" Ryzen 5800u with Nvidia 3050 laptop available on your site, that would be an instant buy. Please grow strong and offer more customization. Thank you.