In-stock and paid pre-order status, attempted online sales of pre-order position, and “un-cancel” requests

Hello everyone,

With the release of the Framework Outlet, we are seeing an uptick in customer requests to modify these in-stock and fully paid orders. Per our knowledge base article on this topic, once an order is placed for in-stock Framework products and is fully paid for, or a pre-order has the final payment captured, the order is locked and transmitted to our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partner for processing. If you would like to return the order after it arrives, please contact Framework Support and we will provide a prepaid shipping label. Our team will refund your purchase once our repair/return center partner inspects and verifies the return. More context as to why these orders cannot be modified or canceled is provided in the article located here: Why can't my order for in stock products be canceled or modified?

We have also been made aware of individuals attempting to sell their Framework Laptop 16 pre-order positions online. This is not an activity that Framework condones for a number of reasons, and any orders identified as being utilized for this purpose will be canceled and refunded.

Finally, we’ve also received a number of requests to restore previously canceled pre-orders. Framework is unable to restore canceled orders, or reinstate previous batch placement on new orders, and individuals will be required to place a new order which will be placed in the batch assigned to newly placed orders.

Thank you for your understanding.