[IN TICKET] Switching to beta channel with Chromebook edition

Framebook Chromebook Edition 12th gen, Chrome OS version 109.0.5414.94

Looking to see if anyone else is unable to switch the OS to the beta channel.

When switching the channel (under About ChromeOS → Addtional details) - the HMI reports that the laptop is on Beta channel but the download and restart never occurs. Checking the version info i am still on stable (109.X.X.X) vs Beta (110.X.X.X)

Thanks for any help / insight.

Please open a support ticket for assistance on this.

@Paul_Fontenrose were you able to change channels? Thanks for your time.

@Steve_L yes, google was holding up version 110.X on the 12th gen Intel boards for longer than normal - so was not an issue - as soon as google made that version available the normal notifications/channel change process initiated

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Cook, thanks so much, @Paul_Fontenrose. All the best!