Inconsistent Startup Times with Framework Laptop Post-Hibernation

Hi everyone,

I’ve been experiencing an odd issue with my AMD Framework laptop and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered something similar or has any insights.

The Issue: My Framework laptop shows inconsistency in boot-up times after hibernation. Sometimes, it takes just a few seconds for the Framework logo to appear and the system to start. However, at other times, it can take as long as 20-30 seconds for the logo to show up and the boot process to begin.

I’m curious if this is a known issue with a straightforward fix or something more complex. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on what might be causing these varying startup times?

Also is it possible to wake up from hibernation just by opening the lid instead of pressing the power button every time?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m also having issues with my AMD FW13 and hibernate. In my case it doesn’t even seem to wake up from hibernate by pressing the power button. I have to long-press it to shut it off and press it again to reboot. Sometimes it will come back up with my windows/apps still running but sometimes it does in fact reboot. Running Windows 11 with 3.03 BIOS.

Also I noticed that it seems to go into hibernate when the lid is closed for an extended period of time. But I didn’t have that enabled in Windows, only sleep when lid is closed. Is that expected too?

Framework 13 - AMD Ryzen 5, Crucial RAM (CT2K16G56C46S5), Crucial P3 Plus 2TB SSD (CT2000P3PSSD8), BIOS 3.03, and Windows 10 installed. Mine scared the sht out of me this am as it would not wake up. Came here to see what others are finding. Screen open, connected to AC power, power light on side green, led on power switch (top rt) on, and left overnight. Tried again - HOLDING the power button for more than 15 seconds … and it came alive. Whew! This isn’t the first time with this issue. ??

It is possible that RAM is an issue, it isn’t on the supported modules list which can be found here: