Induction Coil (Qi) Expansion Card

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I have a cooling pad with fans (one of these), which are normally powered by USB (via JST-XH connectors).

I’m missing the USB side of this cable, and in remaking it, I’ve been thinking about other ways these fans could be powered. One thought I had was that an expansion card could be fitted with an induction coil (like a Qi charger), and the fans could be powered via a receiving coil in the base.

I’m not an electrician: how is this in theory? Would it be feasible to generate an induction field strong enough to power those fans? Can it be done without burning anything?

The specific use case of powerign fans aside: would it be possible incorporate a wireless (ie. Qi) charger into an expansion port, either for trickle-charging the laptop, or for using the laptop (upside down and presumably plugged into wall power) to charge another device?

And, followup thought: would it be possible for an expansion card with an induction coil to still have a USB-C port (possibly with reduced capability)?

No, it would take all of the ports current capabilities meaning that it would overload it.

In the age of USB Power Delivery to laptops I’m forever astonished that no one seems to have made one of these fan-stands with passthrough USB-C power and perhaps a hub with the usual goodies of a dock.

After all, these aren’t exactly an accessory you’d carry around…

Wouldn’t the wattage be too low?

Yup. Not enough to move a motor.