Installing Windows 11 from USB with a Mac

Hey all,

I should be receiving my AMD DIY edition soon. I’m planning on installing Windows 11. The problem is that I currently have a Mac and the instructions for installing Windows uses Rufus which is only available on Windows. I’ve done some googling, and found different guides for creating an install USB on Mac (for example) but none of them deal with the internet connectivity issue that Rufus helps with.

Does anyone have any advice here? If necessary I can use a Windows machine, it will just take me a few more days to get access to one and I’d rather not wait.

As long as you can load a usb with the Windows installer, there is a command that allows you to bypass the network requirements. When you get to the internet setup page, just press shift + F10 and type in OOBE\BYPASSNRO then press enter. The laptop will reboot and when you get to the network setup again, there will be an option for you to proceed without internet.

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The full command to type at the command prompt is OOBE\BYPASSNRO. The system will reboot at that point and then continue the OOBE (Out of Box Experience) without the network requirement. The last time I installed Windows 11 Home recently that was not sufficient. I also had to disable the wifi adapter before entering the bypassnro command. This should not be an issue for an AMD FW 13 since the Windows installer apparently does not have a driver for the wifi module it ships with.

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Okay, thank you both. I saw some references to the OOBE\BYPASSNRO workaround but wasn’t sure if it was still valid (or even worth trying).

Thanks again. Going through the install and was able to go around the Internet stuff.

For anyone finding this later. Don’t use the USB bootguide I linked above. Use this one Create a bootable Windows 11 installation USB on macOS | Jensd's I/O buffer

Also note that when you are splitting the .win file the new version has a different extension .swn