Integrated Drawing Tablet

Hey, so in theory it would be possible to implement a drawing tablet module? Could be handy for artists or something. Maybe make a module compatible with wacom pens or apple pencil (I’m still learning about those things so idk). But I think the concept would be cool. (Being a college student I believe this would be epic for note taking)


I’m personally a screen tablet user BUT I do think some kind of pen interface would be awesome. An open-source screen tablet based on the FW16 LCD perhaps???

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Do you mean an alternative to the “touchpad” module with a small drawing input surface on it? Sounds cool, and if the touchpad uses USB protocol, i dont see why not…


Is there any news for that?

I’m not working on it ATM as I wouldn’t have much time. But maybe someone else. When I get a bit of time I’ll try and research how to do this.

But as for updates I can’t add anything.

They shared this earlier. A display would be almost impossible to cram into there, let alone a touchscreen. The input modules sadly have a height restriction of 3.7mm. But it would be a cool product if they could manage to get it working!

Sorry, do you have the post or whatever they shared about it with the details of the problem? I wanted to delve deeper @ 8:52

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