Intel 13 Experincing Severe Downclock on P-Cores

Hello, I have been experimenting with my i5-1340p and have noticed that the P-cores downclock severely when under load (~798 MHz) but the E-cores stay relatively high (~2900 MHz). I don’t think its thermal throttling since the package is hovering at 80c when this occurs. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? This causes noticeable fluctuations in application performance as threads move between P and E cores.

So I decided to retry my testing under Linux and it appears that the P-cores are no longer downclocking as hard as before and now seem quite reasonable for a system under constant load. P-cores hover around 3000 MHz and E-cores are at 2300 MHz, but still around the 80c mark as before. I am lead to believe that the problem exists with Windows, probably with the power plan.