Intel Chip Ethernet port in Expansion Bay?

My job requires a lot of physical ethernet connections.
I had wierd ethernet behaviours arcoss Industrial network system and software compatibility issues with Realtek ethernet chips across multiple brands of laptops utilizing Realtek ethernet chips from both my own and my colleagues’ experience.
From our experience in industrial controls and networking devices, Intel chip are still the most solid option.

I love the idea of Framwork laptop. I love the design of Framework 16. Previously when we only have the expansion cards, it’s hard to fit a full fat intel chip ethernet port in that thing. The new expansion bay shell seemed to have a lot more room to accomadate a ethernet board and a standard RJ45 port.

In the very early days of my career I used to do simple PCB layouts up to 4 layer with some limited differential traces, complete Amerture level. I don’t think I can handle the design and development of a intel based ethernet module. But one of you smart guys must have the skills and experience to do that.

Would any one want to develop a intel base ethernet module that could fit into the expansion bay shell? Or maybe someone out there can help make the electronics side of things happened?
I have good machining resources that I can help contribute in getting a custom expansion bay shell done. I could also help get electronics prototyping and small batch produced. I could potencially fund the prototyping stage of the project (Although TBH, I don’t have a good idea of the budget yet ). Anyway, Let’s discuss!

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