Intel Unison // Update 22621

I saw recently that the Intel Unison app was a new and interesting way to interface your PC with an iPhone, and given that I have both a PC (the framework I’m typing this on) and an iPhone, I wanted to try it out.

I couldn’t find it on the microsoft store, but I found it on the web version, oddly enough, and it linked to the microsoft store from there.

It told me my windows version wasn’t up to date enough for it, and given that I haven’t updated windows in a while, I didn’t think much of it, and updated to the newest version (that my computer could see). I’m now version 22000.something, and my windows install insists that it’s the newest version. Intel Unison requires version 22621 or newer, and I can find a separate updater from microsoft online, but it just tells my my computer isn’t compatible with this update. I just updated to the newest framework bios (I don’t think it’s the issue, but I wanted to be sure), and I’m running out of ideas.

Has anyone else had this issue // what do you recommend I try?

I’m an 1135G7 mainboard, running windows 11, 21H2, 22000.1516

You need to be running Windows 11 22H2 which is OS build 22621

How do I get there?
My windows doesn’t believe there are any available updates, even under the “optional” tab

Have you manually refreshed the update list? I found that I needed to do that before the feature updated showed.

I got it manually by mounting the newer ISO and forcing the windows upgrade. I never could get it to show up in windows update.