Intel's Graphics Chief leaving

Will be interesting to see who they pick to fill the spot…


You’ll be missed…
I’m also very interested in who will be filling in the spot…


I was under the impression he kinda made a Vega GPU which Iris XE feels like it but he didn’t bring the design that Intel is hoping for and his communication regarding Arc was lackluster which made Intel management not trust what he was saying about Arc (considering delays and performance). He was demoted or something right?

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@Shiroudan It will be very interesting for sure…

@Jieren_Zheng That’s a good question, I’m honestly not sure… I don’t know, the Iris XE isn’t terrible, but not as good as an AMD I used…

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If you look at the benchmarks with soldered DDR5 RAM with higher bandwidth, there is a significant performance improvement, of course, drivers and optimisations are another issue.

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Moore’s Law is Dead just uploaded a video that shares more about this.

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Thats why I got the fastest lowest latency RAM I could get for the Framework. Every little helps.

I was under the impression unless it is JEDEC’s specifications, we can’t enable XMP?

What’s that got to do with what I posted? XMP is not applicable to the Framework.

You just find the lowest latency (CL20 afaik) DDR4 3200 1.2v you can find.

Precisely, we can’t enable XMP, we can only get the RAM that matches the specification according to JEDEC which includes timings, which is sadly CL20. Unlike those kits with CL16 and 1.35V which is much more significant.

When you said the fastest and lowest latency RAM, my impression was either XMP ones or manually overclocked which sadly is locked up in Framework.

I remember seeing a 1.2V 3200MHz CL18 DDR4 SODIMM somewhere before though.

Oh that would be nice. I’ve hunted for anything sub CL20 JEDEC wise but nope… :unamused:

You will see OLOY or GSkill CL18 1.2v but when you dig its CL18 XMP and CL22 JEDEC

The only further improvement I can do is get the Fury 2x32GB kit as that is dual rank (8GB and 16GB sticks are now all single) but that’s a waste of money.

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