Intermittent display blanking with Thunderbolt-connected monitor

I have a Framework Laptop 13 running Windows 11, connected via Thunderbolt to an LG ultrawide monitor (40WP95-C). Every so often (maybe every 10-15 minutes), my LG monitor will go black, and all of the USB devices connected through the monitor will disconnect. A couple seconds later, the display will come back alive and the devices will reconnect.

I thought it was originally an Intel graphics-related issue, but even when I upgraded my original 11th gen mainboard to the Ryzen mainboard, the exact same issue persists. A couple different Apple Silicon MacBook Pros connected to the monitor don’t have this issue.

I’ve tried connecting a higher-wattage (100W) power source to the Framework laptop in parallel to the monitor (96W), in case this is a Power Delivery issue, but power still seems to be coming from the monitor, based on the charge LED on the Framework.

Has anyone successfully resolved an issue like this? It seems like similar finicky issues with Thunderbolt are pretty common. Thanks!

Interesting, do you have the same issue for any of the expansion ports and/or cards ?

I haven’t noticed this issue with any of the expansion ports—but then again, besides charging, I don’t use the other ports for anything where I would notice something like this.

I am experiencing the exact same problem with the exact same monitor, almost same setup, 13th gen Intel i7-1360 board Framework 13, but Windows 10.

I also did not see this problem before with any expansion card or peripheral device. I own another USB-C dock with HDMI support that does not show this behavior.

If it’s of any interest, the charging port LED on the laptop goes blinking orange once this happens and in the Device Manager you can see devices repeatedly dis- and reconnecting.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

@shubaksa: Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution for this. I’m curious, which USB-C dock are you using? I’m thinking I might have to switch to using a dock instead.

I was using a cheap Codeway 8 port USB C dock before, but since it only supports up tp 4K displays I cannot use it with the LG monitor. My intermediate solution is to use the monitor with the HDMI port extension card, no outages since.

I am also suspecting issues with the PowerDelivery protocol by now as I also saw constant power profile renegotiations during those periods.

Things getting more interesting. It seems the notebook (not the monitor) is causing the power profile renegotiations regularly, independent of a Thunderbolt display being used or not. I just never paid attention before since there was no obvious sign.

Framework Team, I think the ball is in your court now.