Intermittent Gaming Lag

Not sure what I need to be pulling for data before potentially contacting support.

Windows 11, 12th Gen Core I5.

I have the laptop docked to my dell ultrawide and I’m firing up good old CS:GO. Most of the time, it runs just fine. But lately I will occasionally have an issue where it lags heavily. I’ve noticed I don’t hear the fan running as hard during these times, and sometimes a reboot will fix, sometimes it will not.

I tried turning the graphics settings down, but no real difference. A reboot or 5 and it is working again. Any thoughts?

If it is still relevant, this helped me with stutters: CS:GO has a command line parameter for forcing to load as much as possible before actually joining a game that might help you.

+cl_forcepreload 1

Just enter into the parameter field in the steam properties of CS:GO. It causes slightly longer loading time but should not try to load stuff after joining anymore. This should not change with reboots but maybe it is just coincidence depending on what your system does in the background? There is also one for higher process priority, but the actual usefulness of this one is debated over.