Intermittent keyboard misses

Hello, similar to Specific Key on Keyboard intermittently misses, when I use the laptop on my lap, certain keys occasionally stop working. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar.

Specifically these keys (not exhaustive):
e, h, -, right arrow, fn

I’ve tried re-seating all the modules, tightening the screws in case they loose, etc. Currently it’s configured as keyboard and touchpad both centered. It occurs both when I have it propped on a knee from the middle, and centered in lap when sitting cross-legged. I have not tested other configurations.


I had a problem like this, where the press of keys was sometimes missed on first press. This included the caps lock key and associated light. The fix for me was to reseat the keyboard and trackpad module on the contacts. I think the connection wasn’t secure before because I’ve had no problems since I did that.

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I think I’ve tracked down the issue, since it started happening when I was at a table. The bottom left of the kb module isn’t being pushed into the pogo pins enough by the upper left of the trackpad module. I think I’ll add some kind of pad there later to give it more mounting pressure.

Or just flex the metal ever so slightly lol since I’ve already done that for the spacers so that I don’t feel the sharp edges.

Fitment is really kind of rough on this one.

Edit: I’ve shimmed with a wad of paper, it’s still not enough but at least I don’t have to press as hard and as frequently. I might put in a support request to see if maybe this is an issue w/ my unit


Did you get this figured out? I seem to be having the same issue on my batch 6 with rgb keyboard.

I was able to get it working. I ended up putting a drop of solder on the contacts to fur them out. Now the keys are all working. If anyone is wondering , these are the keys that weren’t working:

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Those are the exact keys I’m missing as well. Which contacts did you add solder to?

I ended up getting an RMA (not yet shipped) from support, so I’ll have to send the old one in. Not sure if I should modify this one if I’m to do so.

The extra mounting force trick isn’t working anymore for me either.

Yeah, the solder stopped working for me as well. I think I will have to RMA it as well. I soldered all 8 contacts on the keyboard connection side (not the pogo pins side).