Introducing the Framework Laptop 16 and both Intel and AMD-powered Framework Laptop 13

At our Next Level Event today, we launched such a colossal set of new products and upgrades that it’s hard to summarize it all in one blog post. You should check out the recording of the live stream to hear it all, but at the highest level:

Pre-orders are open for the Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel® Core™)

We refined the Framework Laptop 13 even further, with the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, a higher capacity 61Wh battery, a matte display, improved hinges and speakers, new Bezel colors, and more. We’ve addressed just about every ask from the community.

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Pre-orders are open for the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)

This includes the most popular ask by far, an AMD-powered Framework Laptop! We’re excited to share the new Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 7040 Series processors, using the same great chassis and modules as the Intel version, but with DDR5 and an AMD-compatible WiFi card.

For both Intel and AMD processor options, you can also pre-order the Mainboard on its own or choose the Mainboard Kit with AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series processors to upgrade your existing Framework Laptop.

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We gave you a developer preview of the Framework Laptop 16

Our biggest announcement is also our biggest product, the new, high-performance 16” Framework Laptop 16. With the new Expansion Bay system, we’re delivering on the holy grail for gamers, creators, and others who need power, with modular upgradable graphics! We’re also enabling fully reconfigurable input using the Input Module systems. Pre-orders open Spring 2023, shipping late 2023.

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Framework Laptop 16 developer documentation available on GitHub today!

Each of the new module systems is open source, unlocking the creativity of the community. We’ve released mechanical drawings, 3D CAD, and electrical reference designs for Input Modules and Expansion Bay Modules, along with QMK-based firmware for our Raspberry Pi RP2040-powered Input Modules.

Framework will expand into Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan, with pre-orders this Summer

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Re-use your Mainboard with the Cooler Master Mainboard Case

We’ve partnered with Cooler Master to create an awesome new way to re-use your Framework Laptop Mainboards: a transparent, small form factor case. This will be available this Spring for $39 USD.

Amazingly enough, that isn’t even all of the announcements, but just the biggest highlights. We can’t wait to get these new products out to you, and we’re excited to enable product longevity, the right to repair, and deep personalization across more of Consumer Electronics!


Christmas came early this year, hope you can cope with the demand

All the best


Finally AMD! Thank you framework team!


Did anyone else wonder if the horse sculptures, in the presentation room, were a reference to the Trojan horse?

Framework has surpassed my expectations, with this update. This is impressive and exciting news.

Thank you for listening to all the community suggestions over the past 2 years.

The 16 modular design reminds me a lot of Project Ara. I have complete confidence the 16 will change the laptop market for the better.

Congratulations regarding both the company’s technical progress and continued success!


Is the 16 still a 3:2 display?


We’re waiting for specs

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First of all: congrats on the new products! Amazing stuff.

But one question: does the AMD mainboard have to be used with the new AMD RZ616 wifi card? Or can I just keep my AX210 card that I have right now?

The presentation mentions the new card as “AMD compatible” which implies that the Intel card wouldn’t be, but I have used an AX200 card on an AMD Ryzen desktop before and it was perfectly fine. Also, here is a Reddit thread full of people saying it’ll be fine (but not mentioning any specific laptop).


I am so freaking proud to be a framework user right now!!

I haven’t posted in a while but you guys are ON POINT! You listen to your users, stay true to your goals of upgradable and customizable and give us ways to avoid waste while we do it!!

Let’s gooooo!!!


First off, stop the counter, no more “reset the clock” jokes. Absolutely the most wanted ask is now confirmed, very happy to see it.

I’m more excited about the battery upgrade. Based on watt-hour math, it looks like we might get ~40min more battery life. @ team, do you have any anecdotal data to share from testing the new battery module at all as to how realistic that estimation is?


Based on:

Double the keyboard height divided by the combined width of a keyboard and numpad is approximately 0.67

So I think it could be a 3:2 screen, depending on how accurately I’m eyeballing how all the parts are related

EDIT: 16:10 according to That's correct, it is a 16:10 16" display. | Hacker News

Surprised it didn’t come up already: The courage line about headphone ports was hilarious. SIX HEADPHONE PORTS IF YOU WANT THEM!!1! Truly flying past courage to pure heroism. Well done.

More seriously, if y’all pull off the 16" with discrete graphics cards as well as you’ve pulled off the 13", consider me impressed. It’s a great little box, and I was going to be happy enough if “longevity” meant I could buy a new battery when my Framework’s battery dies. Heck, now my second battery should be better than the first.

If you deliver on all that went up today, it’s an amazing second act.


You folks are probably overwhelmed, but just want to note that there are a few inconsistencies in the comparison page. Probably copy-past error (Memory configuration is incorrect)


I’ve already put down for the Ryzen 7 board, and also keeping an eye on emails for the 61Wh battery. Looking forward to it.


This was my favorite announcement from yesterday. I love the attention to detail on making sure no tech goes unwasted! Couple that with the new AMD boards and now I’m embarassed from criticizing the Chromebook release LOL

You guys know exactly what you’re doing, keep it up!!

Do we know yet if it will have room for 2 NVMes?

Yes. It supports 2 SSDs, but one of them must be the shorter 2330 size.

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Cool, and both are in M.2 gen 4 slots with full CPU bandwidth?

@John For discussion on such see