Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

Now I’m curious to see how battery efficient the 12th gen will be compared to 11th gen. At least the desktop versions seem to be quite power hungry, especially on higher workloads, but I am not sure about idle use


Wow, you really are living up to that promise of upgradeability fast. I would have expected that announcement in half a year or so with a small company.
Also I like the communications policy.
Not a big flashy release event, with detailed specs and preorders following maybe a couple month later, as often seen, but just a simple mail, by the way, we just upgraded everything : )


Yep, definitely, this is a great question. I wonder when there will be battery benchmarks to compare the two. Maybe only using the efficiency/little cores may provide better battery life for some workloads?


This is pretty cool. Won’t be upgrading for now, but in a few years, when 11th gen is old and slow, and Framework released mainboards with 19th gen (or whatever), this is a main reason I choose this laptop.

I do wonder what this means though: “We also studied and carefully optimized the standby power draw of the system in Linux.” Bios update? Kernel? Only 12th gen or also the 11th gen?


Good thing about this community is, someone will most likely do it a week or two after the new ones are shipped ^^


I just ordered my Framework yesterday, and now I’m seriously considering cancelling that order… Just my luck!
For people that know more about the new generation of Intels, what would be the benifits/drawbacks of waiting for the new model?

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Yes, good question!
And how do I actually know if a bios update is available and worthwhile? Is there some information about this somewhere?


Good work F.w team! Hopefully some people who were having trouble with the cost of the originally launched versions can get a discount on the outgoing hardware, until that inventory is gone.

Though it looks like you broke your own Marketplace website with all the traffic this announcement had created already lol

Looking forward to the Marketplace getting some additional screen options next!

Quote from Nirav (CEO): “This is a combination of hardware and firmware optimizations for 12th Gen. We are still investigating potential firmware-only solutions that we can bring to the original 11th Gen-based Framework Laptops for standby power consumption, and the community recently found a significant standby power improvement through setting “nvme.noacpi=1” that you should apply if you haven’t yet (updated in the recent Fedora and Ubuntu guides). We also have a BIOS update in testing currently that improves fully shut down power consumption on 11th Gen.”


Very cool :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!!!

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Here is the compare of all 3 new processors if anyone is interested:

… I might upgrade to the 1260p myself but I still need a good re-use of the old one before then!


This is incredible to see! Kudos for sticking with DDR4 for now, to keep up compatibility. Thinking about getting that new top cover!

£39 for the ethernet card is rather expensive, is there potential for a 1Gbit version that doesn’t cost so much?

That’s quite cheap, considering it’s not bottom of the barrel components, gigabit might lower the price 5 dollars or so


@Josh_Cook did you have an hand at all in designing this card?

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I was wondering about that.

It is really wonderful to see that backward compatibility has not been dropped. I feel happy to have bought a Framework (though I’m still waiting to get my hands on it) and can choose to upgrade as and when I feel the need to without having to throw the whole device. Only one quick question,

Is the battery on the 11th generation and the 12th generation the same? If not, can we swap the batteries too? I’m guessing improvements in power performance and associated thermals would be largely down to the processor.

@Jacob_Eva There are some stub USB-C 1Gbps ethernet adapters. You could 3D print your own enclosure and fit them for basically cost.

But now I’m interested whether a 45W PoE to type-c adapter would be enough to power an 11th gen board…

I just ordered yesterday and would like to hold off for the new boards and mainly the new top lid and hinge. What’s the best way to do that? Tried to call the phone number but it just said if I needed support to go to the webpage. Should I cancel and then preorder? Or contact through email?

Where would I find one of these mate?