Intrusion detection doesn't appear to be working on AMD 7040

I received the DIY version, so it’s possible I just missed configuring something during setup, but at the moment it doesn’t appear that the intrusion detection system is working.

After the initial build, I updated the BIOS to 3.03 and then went in and added a password + enabled the “Chassis Intrusion Detection” option. More recently I removed the keyboard to swap the wifi card out for an intel one and expected to have to put the bios password in when it booted back up, but it went straight into the OS instead. I assumed maybe it just worked differently than I thought it did, but recently got cros_ec working with a kernel patch and was able to run framework_tool --intrusion, which shows the following:

$ sudo framework_tool --intrusion
Chassis status:
  Coin cell ever removed:   false
  Chassis currently open:   false
  Chassis ever opened:      false
  Chassis opened:           0 times
  Chassis opened while off: 0 times

As stated in the subject, this is an AMD 7040 laptop. I feel like the problem is OS-agnostic, but in case it’s important, I’m running the latest Archlinux with secure boot enabled.


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Afaik the ec interface changes for the amd framework aren’t in the mainline kernel jet and I am pretty sure intrusion detection is part of the ec.

Looks like EC Communication is listed as not yet available for AMD.
framework-system/ at main · FrameworkComputer/framework-system · GitHub

But, if that is the case, why is framework_tool not throwing a error or warning that communication has failed, instead of claiming no intrusion? That does not look good.

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I patched the upcoming EC communication support into the kernel, I’m able to control keyboard brightness, the battery charge limit, etc using it. The intrusion detection system also didn’t trigger a bios password prompt when I opened up the laptop.

On a side note, if anyone’s interested in getting framework_tool running on their AMD laptop with linux, this github issue includes both the patches I used and an explanation of how to use it without any patches if you aren’t running secure boot Framework 13 AMD Support on Linux · Issue #20 · FrameworkComputer/framework-system · GitHub

I’d be interested to hear if the intrusion system is tested as working for anyone else with AMD on that note