Is anybody else getting this weird popup "There was an error detecting your system's batteries"?

I’m running a DIY laptop with 64G RAM and the top tier i7 mobo.

I’m charging through my Dell USB hub monitor, I’ve only recently been getting this popup, could this be related to recent software installations or is it indictive of a hardware issue ? Any way to characterize further ?

Which application is popping this up?

Update: Scratch that. It’s from Windows itself.


  1. Do you get the popup when the laptop isn’t connected to the USB-PD charger?
  2. Do you get the popup when using another USB-PD port (one of the other three)?

The issue, although sporadic, is relentless once it starts, a popup comes around once every 7-10 seconds. It renders my Windows Explorer unusable until I close down each and every one of the popup boxes.

I have my USB-C-PD connected on the left/back port going to my USB hub Dell monitor and another USB-C-PD connected to my iPhone lightning jack on the right/back port.

When I pull the USB-C PD charging (on the left/back port) the popup stops.
When I insert the USB-C PD charging cable into the left/front port the popup resumes.

I tried moving the iPhone charger to the left/front port and the monitor connection to the right/back connection, and the popups appeared to cease.

I’m getting the issue again, this time USB-C charging is plugged in right/back port.

I’m running latest v7 BIOS and latest driver package.

The issue also occurs when I’m charging USB-C to my Dell hub monitor from the front/right port.

Thus, the issue is being seen from all ports.

Oddly enough, I’m now seeing the issue persist even when I withdraw all USB-C and the laptop is running natively without any external connections !?!?

I’m going to put this to support’s attention in an attempt to highlight the problem.

The issue is back, it’s coming from the explorer.exe process, perhaps some rogue system tray app running under explorer, maybe BatteryBar. I’ll approach their support team and point them back here.