Is keyboard replacement really that hard?

So, I noticed that there are a few languages available for the keyboard. I was curious to see how I could switch languages, and I noticed that the repair guide lists the keyboard replacement as Very Hard. This intrigues me.

Is it hard because of lots of tiny screws? Or is it hard for other reasons? I am looking for video showing a replacement, but I notice that Framework suggests replacing the entire Input Cover kit as it takes less time…

the hardest parts of replacing the keyboard will likely be the many small screws, and carefully handling the ribbon cables used to connect it up. The guide is likely listed as Very Hard for non-technical users, but if you feel confident doing the replacement I think it wouldn’t be too bad.

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If you plan to attempt it, I would probably order a set of keyboard screws at the same time, because it’s possible (if not likely) that you will strip the philips heads on a couple of them.


Yeah, I did my replacement a couple weeks ago and I definitely stripped a few of the heads! Switched to Traditional Chinese, if anyone’s wondering. Purchasing a set of replacement screws with my matte display. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s also worth noting that you actually have to tighten the screws down pretty tight (but not to the point of stripping them) in order to get a good tactile feel for the keys. I really recommend using the correct philips head (that comes in the Framework screwdriver) so that you don’t strip the screws while trying to get them down snug. The replacement isn’t really that technically difficult, but it is pretty time consuming due to the amount of screws so I’d recommend setting aside at least an hour!


This is awesome, glad to know more about exactly why it was listed as Very Hard. I wanted to try a couple of different layouts but it appears that the changeover will need a good chunk of time. But hey, at least the change is possible.

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It’s really not intended to be done multiple times. If you want to swap them out more than once, I highly recommend you buy a full input cover so you can just drop it in. It’s worth the extra money both in terms of time and potential for damage imo.