Is Parrot OS Compatible With Framework?

Hello everyone! I use Parrot OS as my daily driver. I want to know if it works on the Framework laptop before I buy one.



You probably can’t expect everything to run smoothly out of the box since some of the hardware is a bit too cutting edge to be thoroughly supported by Linux OSes, especially rather niche ones like Parrot (there are a lot of helpful threads about most issues you may encounter on here though). Generally speaking, it should be compatible as Parrot supports x86 architecture.

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Thanks for responding!

I am currently using Parrot Security with the MATE desktop environment. I don’t use it for pentesting due to the fact I haven’t had time to develop the skill. It is quite likely I will switch to Parrot’s home edition.

The things I’m most worried about are wifi, bluetooth, and graphics scaling. I love the concept of Framework, but I would rather not use Windows (Due to privacy, etc) and Parrot is my favorite Linux distro.



(P.S. I also need to run Virtual Box Virtual Machines)

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I switched from Kali to Parrot OS not too long ago and im starting to prefer it due to its already available privacy tools. im thinking of either bare booting kali or parrot on my framework laptop when it arrives. or maybe bare boot one OS and live boot another with the expansion card.
any thoughts on this?

have you made it work yet?

what issues did you come across?