Is the orange theme on Framework inspired by LTT?

It’s more of a joke topic…
It is a funny coincident that Linus invested in Framework and Linus Tech Tips also uses an orange logo.


You’ve got me seriously thinking about the color choice. In an abstract sense, I think it’s a very suitable color! Orange, is exciting and attention-grabbing, but also unorthodox and controversial. It’s a great color for a revolutionary project like Framework.

The Bitcoin community and car-free movement both also use this color, and I feel like that happened for similar reasons (they both use the term “orange-pilled,” for example). I feel like, if Right to Repair had a color, orange should be it.

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I’d vote for transparent there personally XD


Orange and grey/silver is a pretty common colour combination. Good contrast, I guess

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I cheaped out with black bezel with my FW16 order. Wondering if I should now get the orange as it has grown on me…