Is there any downside to a longer AC Cable

I’m wanting to extend my charger distance to the wall, and getting a third party AC cable to connect to the Framework power adapter seems like the easiest/cheapest/best way to do that, is there any drawbacks to just getting the longest one available? Is it less efficient or a hazard or anything to just get a generic 3 meter one for this purpose? Is there ANY downside as long as you have a big enough wire gauge?

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It’s a bit bulky/less portable to be carrying a huge cable, but other than that no.

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That is the key, but even a cheap cord is likely to be at least 18-16 gauge, which is sufficient for the amount of current the charger will draw. Should be totally fine. Larger gauge wire will result in a lower amount of loss, but will be more expensive, heavier and less flexible. And we’re talking on the level of a quarter of a watt or so. Pretty negligible.


Further to the above:

18 Gauge or “1mm” wire will carry well in excess of 10A.

If your mains is UK that’s some 2400W if US that 1200W

So you have no problem even with 10 metres

Considering 1.0mm wires with 14 amps. If your house uses 240V, 14A X 240V gives you 3,360 watts. If you have a 120V system, multiply 14A by 120V to get 1,680W. As you can see, the wattage is not fixed. It changes with the voltage and amperage
1mm Cable Amp Rating (With Wattage, Uses & Volts) – PortablePowerGuides

Check you have multi-strand wire not a single 1mm


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Hi @a4955 ,

Any quality extension cable should work just fine. You do not necessarily need to get a replacement AC cable. Even the FW16 power supply only pulls 180W.

If you want a quality AC cable to replace the one that came with the FW supply; checkout places like Digikey or Mouser. Somewhere that sells electronic components. Being as you spoke of metric units, there should be an equivalent in your country.

Always easier and safer to extend the power cord to the charger than get a longer USBC cable.


Oh this is a really helpful addition I didn’t even think about, thank you!

Although an extension can be useful I’m an ex Royal Navy electrician since 1964 and would never use an extension if there was the option of a single cable from source to device.

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