Issue with keys being pressed through screen while in bag

I have a rectangular bag that hooks over my shoulder with the straps connected to the long side of the laptop. The issue I am having is that while sometimes it just wakes it from sleep and goes to sleep repeatedly for a couple seconds as I put it on and sometimes off, now it is starting to stay on and get really hot and open up a bunch of random crap. Is there going to be a more solid top plate or does anyone know a way to keep the keys from being pressed? I can’t put a thin piece of metal or plastic between the two since the keys are raised above the flat parts of the board.

How badly isolated is it in your bag? Unless you’re putting severely too much pressure on it, it shouldn’t be pressing keys. If you are, you are likely risking destroying your display as well.

Also, a lock screen might help.

It might be overkill, but I sandwich the laptop between carbon fiber sheets in whatever bag I am using, and I don’t recall it waking from suspend. I don’t have it in a bag particularly often, though, so my sample size is small.

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It is locked and asleep. It is not like I have foam in it, but it is not thinly padded.

I know.

In my opinion, the only part that might be slight overkill is using relatively expensive carbon fiber sheets. I just use a couple aluminum sheets. I would never carry a laptop unprotected. Most “laptop” bags are an absolute joke, with just some foam, instead of any real protection.

Hi @Term_Grecos,

Another FW16 user had an issue where literally nothing was touched but the computer “woke” because something triggered a touchpad response. Turns out they had recently flashed the newest BIOS but forgot to reset it to factory defaults after getting the new BIOS installed.

I believe this might be a known issue with some machines that is slated to be resolved in a future BIOS release for FW16. bios updates

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