Issues with laptop

Hello I am having a few issues with my Framework DIY Edition batch 6.

The first issue is with a USB C to Display Port Cable I can only run the monitor up to 144Hz I have a 360Hz panel at the moment and was curious If I can output to this refresh rate the cable is fine as it outputs at that refresh rate on another system.

The second issue I am having is with the Audio Jack I hear a beep whenever the audio stops or starts I am running Sennheiser HD 650 if that helps at all and I am running on Arch Linux I assume this has something to do with the Tempo codec in the batch 6 models.

Lastly I have an issue where I can be using the external monitor just fine and then when I load up a light game like Bloons TD the monitor stops receiving the signal and I need to open the laptop remove the cable and plug it back in for it to work its quite annoying. I am using autorandr to auto disable the laptop display whenever the usb c to display port cable is connected to the laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

On the first one, it will depend on the monitor resolution. We have more detail on the monitor resolutions and refresh rates supported by Intel 11th Gen here: External monitor support on the Framework Laptop

For the audio start/stop on headphones, there is a small noise when the CODEC enters and exits its power saving mode. You can make this stop by disabling the power save mode, but at the expense of the CODEC staying at higher power when not in use.

For the last item, it’s not clear what that would be. To clarify, is it the external monitor or internal display that is going dark?

The resolution of the panel is 1080p 360Hz running at anything over 144Hz will cause the picture to not show on the monitor and freeze the computer but the mouse will move just cant take any keyboard input or click anything or the same thing but instead of no picture it will be an image larger than display not to scale.

How would I go about disabling the power mode it’s quite annoying I only use the wired headphones when docked anyways.

The external monitor loses the signal and since the laptop is closed it doesnt come back if the laptop is open the display will jump to the laptop for a few seconds then come back the external. Sometimes I need to replug in the cable and once I had to even re-plugin the usb-c module. Sometimes it will also disconnect during the game exact same thing as when loading the game. The connection is fine I’ve tried 2 cables that I know are working.

do you have a spare usb-c expansion port to test this out with? another way to troubleshoot might be to bypass the expansion port and plug directly into usb-c on the mainboard. that would rule out a problem with the port.

I have tried with both USB C Adapter I have with my Framework I can try plugging in directly I suppose.

I have tested plugging directly into the port no changes I also tried switching the system in the bios from the turbo performance to the second option of the just the non turbo and that makes things way worse just using the internet will cause the display to go on and off randomly. In the turbo mode it’s at least somewhat usable but still a pain none the less. I still would like to solve this even opening just steam in the turbo mode will cause the display to go out for me sometimes I need to replugin the entire expansion card. It’s quite frustrating.

this sounds like a hardware problem. it may be worth opening a support ticket and seeing if you need to RMA your device.

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