It survived ! : tortures you made to your framework laptop ... and how it survived

I am interested in durability.
Please post pictures of your laptop here if you by mistake : make it fall, water , beer, burning under the sun , what not :smiley:
Welcome yougman and womens, to the museum of horor of broken laptops :smiley:
While some web sites do durability torture tests, we users in real life do it aswell at some point. Also the repairaibility of FW laptop is wonderfull thing, durability is also nice to have.
Please mention :

  • Circumstances
  • Batch number
  • Results with pictures : broken things, things almost working, not working, replaced

Has I don t have a framework yet, I ll post my current laptop.
-Thinkpad E590 in my back pack, falling from an E-skate board under the rain at full speed.
Falling on my back (while turning) , I am 60KG.