Just configured FW 16, and second 2 TB drive does not appear


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    Windows 11

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    FW 16

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    I go into disk manager and I only see the main 4TB drive and the Office ISO. The disk was displayed when I installed Windows as a choice, so I assume it was installed correctly. How do I recover my storage?

And also, my main SD is shown as encrypted with bitlocker, but I never chose to do this, and I never set a password for it, so what is happening?

Hi @James_Rome,

The latest Windows 11 installer turns BitLocker on by default. You can go and disable that. Google “Turn off Bitlocker Windows 11”

Your post might be better suited in the Framework 16 forum. If your other drive is “missing” it likely is not formatted like your primary drive was when Windows 11 was installed.

If it is missing from the Disk Management utility in Windows, reboot the computer into the UEFI firmware and see if the drive is still showing.

If it shows in the firmware then it just needs to be formatted to be a usable drive in Windows.

If it is missing in the firmware, then it may need to be physically reseated to ensure the connector is making even contact across all the pins. See the DIY guides in the Support area for guidance on reseating the drive.

A reboot made the drive appear.

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