Just my luck or is all of framework support horrible?

I have had to co tact framework mutile times for many different issues basicly from the day i got my 12 gen laptop. From trying (with no success cause they ig ored me) to veryify i got the uograded hjbges, the ase veing bent, to mutiple dealing with my display port adaptop having mutiple isses. They usally get back fast whcih ia nice but there requests are really stupid some times.

Great example is right now i am dealing with them cause i droped my laptop and damaged the case. The hardware is fine but i want to fix the case. I email them telling them i smashed up a cornor a d asking what parts i might need to buy and if they are for sale. They com back asking for pics of the damage, understandable, but also pics of the reat of the laptop that is nit damaged and was not even asked for. They also asked if the hardware was fun, which they would have known the the answer to if the actually read my first email in full where i stated the hardware was fine. But what ever i take all the pics they want and tell them again it is fine. They come back telling me to buy two parts, but those parts they link have boars and the touchpad/kb in them. I dint need those ao i reply asking if they sell just the casings and no baord. Now they need more pictures for more socumentation!? WHY?

Am i just really unlucky and always get somwone that does not seem to know the basics of customer service or is the normal experience for everyone?

To date I have contacted them about half a dozen times for issues and onlyever got 1 resolved. The rest they either blew off or there demands where so stupid and annyoing i said sxrew it and have chocked it up tk a vwry expw sivw lession on never buy a new prosuct form this company again.

Do you speak to support in the way you spoke here as your spelling is really bad.


I haven’t had many reasons to contact support over the last couple years, but they were always responsive and helpful.

I know it can be frustrating to be constantly asked for more information, but one of the big things with support is that they only have the information you give them and often they want to be sure they have as much information as possible, so they can give you the most complete and accurate help possible.

I’ve worked in phone tech support as well as over-the-counter tech support and often people get annoyed at the questions as they just assume you should already have the info or be able to answer without that info. But it’s almost always being asked for (at least in my case) to ensure the correct and complete answers are given.

I’m not going to say everyone is on their A-game 100% of the time. But my experience with support has overall been fine. Support has been a little slower than usual lately, as they have been swamped due to the new releases (AMD 13" and the 16").


@Matthew_V I assure you we are providing quality support. We’ll look into your support inquiries to see if any errors were made, but I’m assuming there’s more to this that needs to be looked into. Thank you for your patience.


Framework support is excellent. I’ve dealt with a lot of different technology companies over the years retailers manufacturers. I would say framework is in the top five best support offered. I think the problem could be OP and their approach and communication style.


There is a good reason. It is highly recommended that you just replace input cover as a whole, rather than try to transfer over all the parts. It’s a complicated, long process that can be messed up if you don’t follow the procedure carefully. The keyboard requires over 60 tiny screws, and they are easy to strip. Even when being careful, people have said they’ve stripped a few.

To be honest, this is not something I would have even contacted support for. You can assess the damage and what needs to be replaced yourself. But if you are going to ask them to assess it for you, of course they will want pictures of everything, they want to be sure nothing is missed.


@Matthew_V After investigating, you have been extremely rude to our staff with abusive messaging when all they have been is extremely helpful and professional. They’ve asked for those photos as you dropped your laptop on concrete and they had escalated the ticket to look into a custom part for you as we do not sell what you’ve requested on its own. While this was in motion, they asked for some additional photos as requested by our escalation team. I won’t post what you sent to our team, but it crossed a line.

You demanded a Manager. Here I am.


Why is this not surprising? :thinking:

I swear, every time there is a post like this, this is what comes back.

It sounds like support would be lucky if you follow through on that.


Why does every room I walk into smell like farts? Am I just really unlucky?


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This chain is why I keep periodically scanning the forum even though I really don’t need anything. Expertly crafted response, folks!

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Man…you want to pass the ball, without passing the ball, and then complain about support not catching the ball properly. This is messed up.

To your question, it’s neither your luck or support. It’s you. Own it.

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Better start running away now, TheTwistgibber is taking no prisoners today


Yeah, you might get away with that elsewhere, but TheTwistgibber does not like abuse of staff.
I would suggest not continuing further.

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What the Framework team has been able to achieve is a bloody miracle. I ordered my F13 just to support them. Then after a year was so impressed that I bought my oldest daugther a 13gen F13, and pre-ordered the F16 for myself. I think I’d be disappointed if by some fluke I got the aircraft instead of the laptop.
I’ll stay civil but you won’t find many folks here who appreciate staff bashing.

BTW, is there a Framework address where I can send flowers to show my appreciation? :grin:


Can anybody explain me why we keep having these topics from time to time where someone complains about Framework not being professional and having a terrible support and then (of course) being the one not being helpful and/or improfessional?

I just can’t grasp it. What do you expect when you post this on the official forum? Surely the truth will come out, no?

Maybe they just want to let out some steam? But even then, isn’t it counter-productive to do so on the official forums where there are people who can actually disprove what you’ve just said?

On a more productive note: I sadly had to resort to Framework support for my defective-by-design-NVME which I sent back and every interaction of Framework was good. They probably have response times of a few hours until a day, but given how small they are and how many requests and orders they process it’s quite an astonishing number, really.

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Probably to tell “the truth” to the people, or something like that. The less a person understands, the more they think of themselves.

Now imagine for a second, what would happen if Framework would indeed sell their products all over the world, as people often request, but without proper support/warranty in countries where paper stuff is not ready yet? Such scenarios would increase thousandfold without any benefits at all.


I think this thread has run its course and is becoming a bit of a dogpile. We’ve already engaged in the ticket, and the truth is now known. Locking.