K to 12 Laptops

I teach K to 5 and our kids are 1 to 1 for laptops. They took their computers home every day, so we saw everything possible break on the computers. The district paid around $100 to $200 for them, so they get what they pay for. We bought enough laptops for all kids and staff so somewhere between 40k to 50k computers. Imagine if they bought a frame work computer instead. Kids only need a computer that can surf the web and play minecraft, but the high schoolers may need a little higher specs. If districts could mass order the components then this laptop would be a smash hit. I can’t tell you how many kids broke off the tip in their audio jack, which is easy to replace on frame work. Broken screens: a pain to replace with 2 to 4 months backorder. From a repair standpoint, these repairs could be so easy that the parts could be stored at the schools rather than a HQ for quick fixes. I hope that framework is getting investors to help them improve the economies of scale to achieve something like this.