Keyboard-accessing risks business interruption?

If i access the keyboard, to clean inside one key even more intensely, & if i make a mistake in such accessing, such as stripping a screw-hole, which is easy to do, what is the chance that my keyboard & pc won’t work at all? 10%? 51%? other %? Just a super-rough guestimate with no promise

That’s the narrow issue on which i seek comments. Thank you in advance.

irrelevant details, in mostly-alphabetical order:

reason for the possible work: My right Ctrl key stopped working, very-probably because underneath the key there is probably a tiny bit of dust or the like, even though i have taken great care to avoid that, and to remove that. Such key was used constantly by me (in tandem with an external keypad on the left side of pc, to reduce the repetitive stress on my right hand).

keyboard-opening instructions: If i access the keyboard, i would of course follow
I posted my question there too, yesterday, but have seen no response.

key-cap removal option: An alternative solution-attempt would be to forcibly remove the nonworking key’s cap, to clean in there even more intensely. That probably would result in a broken, jagged, exposed key ‘post’, but i probably would not care, because the key is now useless, and in fact is counterproductive because my fingers keep going to that key unconsciously.

my level of pc ability: I have a good degree of knowledge as a user, but have no formal training in computer matters.

new-keyboard option: I of course might obtain & install a new Input Cover (which contains a new keyboard).

pc: I have the Framework ‘batch 7’ notebook pc, assembled-by-self.

I’ve just put my FW13 out of commission by replacing the keyboard (which had a sticky Space bar). I’m now stuck waiting to hear back from support regarding ordering a new Input Cover, because the keyboard now won’t detect a bunch of key presses.

Thank you very much for that information.
It seems that you made no mistake at all, & that even properly replacing the keyboard risks pc downtime.