Keyboard and keypad backlights reset after waking from hibernation

Specs: Framework 16 DIY with AMD 7840HS CPU and 7700S GPU module.
On Windows 11 after awakening from hibernation on battery, the backlights from the keyboard and the keypad turn off when they were on full brightness before hibernation. I assume this is some sort of firmware bug and I wanted to report it.

I’d like to add this. I have experienced a similar issue on my number pad. The backlight won’t turn on after a reboot (shutdown from windows and then turning it back on) sometimes but most of the time its fine. The keyboard has been fine so far. Hopefully a firmware update can fix this and its not a board issue or something wrong with my number pad.

Framework Laptop 16 7940HS and 7700S GPU module.

I’ve had similar problems, but only recently. My keyboard backlight stays on when waking laptop up from closing the lid. The numpad is always off now. When I go to turn it on I have to turn it on twice as the first time it will flash then turn off again. Hopefully there’s a fix on the way, it’s a minor problem but one that is a bit annoying.

Framework Laptop 16 7940HS and 7700S GPU module as well.