Keyboard keeps dying on me and random power button presses

So I get about 30 keypresses until the keyboard dies on me and the power button keeps randomly tripping.

It’s noticeably worse when I move it. And I can absolutely 100% replicate it by putting it on top of a 16-inch M1 MBP

I did the standard checks, reseated the touchpad cable on both ends, double-checked the wifi adapter wasn’t bent, and now I have nothing.

What are my next trouble-shooting steps here?

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You may be tripping the magnetic lid sensor, which I believe is on the left side of the keyboard.


Huh, that’s interesting. So when you set it down on something metal enough, it thinks the laptop is closed.

Would that explain why it happens anytime I insert anything USB at all except the power cable? (Sorry, doing more experiments)

It’s not about metal, the sensor is triggered by a magnetic field, which you may be tripping when you set it on your mac.

Inserting a USB cable or device should not trigger the machine shutting down.

What OS are you running? Do you see anything in the logs?

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Both Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 and I’m not sure how to look for these sorts of logs tbqh. dmesg?

Event Viewer in windows, dmesg in linux. See if you can determine what triggered the machine to suspend/shut down.

Are you wearing a magnetic ring, wristband, etc?

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I’ve been having this same issue. The magnetic lid sensor is totally what it is… if I set my framework laptop on top of my chromebook and slide it around for a second, the computer will randomly go to sleep and wake up immediately.

Annoying, but glad to know what the issue is finally!

If this is still unresolved for OP, I would reach out to support for assistance.

No, if you place your computer on an active magnet, it shuts.

Mild nit, maybe worth submitting as a slightly laughing ticket to the 13th gen design team with “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing” meme pic in the ticket description to stress the tone.