Keyboard Modding

Has anyone here tried modding the chiclet keyboard to improve typing/ auditory experience (lubing the stabilizer keys?) Didn’t see many resources online about modding laptop keyboards in general, so I’m not entirely sure its possible.

From what I’ve read taking the keycaps off this kb is a very risky proposition and can easily lead to damage. IMO the (lack of) kb sound on these is pretty nice. Not sure lubing the mechanism would really help with that though, I don’t think the stabs on a laptop kb contribute much to sound.

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I’m thinking the reason there’s little online discussion about modding laptop keyboards is that it’s generally a bad idea, unless you have access to a shop to actually manufacture something equivalent to what comes standard.

Myself I’m just dying to make some keys feel different tactile-wise for putting in passwords in the dark or easily finding some specific keys without having to look or make sure my hands are positioned just perfectly.

Hoping a tiny spot of glue left to harden over 48 hours (my go-to solution for mech keyboards) won’t mess up the screen if I leave the laptop closed for a few months.