"Keyboard" modules that have controllers instead of a keyboard

Before I tell you my idea, I want to clarify some things. This is IN NO WAY intending to imply: One, that I am creating this myself, and two, that I am the absolute most knowledgeable in this regard. I am simply suggesting features that I would like to see in some future products or revisions of the framework laptop (both 13 and 16). With that out of the way, here is my idea! With the ability to swap keyboard modules on the fly, it may be an interesting idea to introduce some new control options, such as gamepads! There could be multiple types of controllers. Arcade style controls with big buttons, a more standard controller design with smaller buttons that are on the side, so you could use the framework laptop sort of like a handheld console, and more! To ensure that the laptop can still close with these controls, instead of the traditional analogue stick, it could instead use a circle pad, kind of like the one on the Nintendo 3DS and perhaps it could use hall effect circle pads, to prevent drift. This would be especially useful on the Framework 16, since it having a dedicated GPU means people buying it probably want to game on it. That is my idea for a new feature that framework could implement. If you have anything to add, let me know! Just know that I will probably take a long time to respond. Thanks!

Edit: I only just now realized that the “Input Module” category is not referring to the “module for button input” A.K.A. the keyboard, but rather is referring to the “sliders” as I will call them that go beside the keyboard on the 16" specifically. Sorry about that.

I like that idea.

Im not sure where the contacts are and if it is technically possible, but:

On the 16" there are these 2 little spacer left and right from the keyboard. It would be cool to swap them out and instead of them we could attach a controller-like bar. So it would be sth like the controllers on the Nintendo Switch. But not that thick. You would have some buttons and one joystick on each side.

More difficult would be the 2 shoulder-buttons on each side, which you have on modern controllers. Because how would you add them and where (seems a bit difficult to attach them one the “shoulder” of the laptop). But maybe there is a fancy way to do it.

Yeah, I think this idea is way more of a possibility than some of my other ideas. Would probably be pretty easy for them to implement.