Keyboard of the Gods

So, this is a major development for me, in my personal world of laptops.

The keyboard on the Framework has spoiled me; I had a Samsung laptop for eight years, and I thought the keyboard was absolutely fine, and now I can’t bear it.

Migrating from an old laptop to a new laptop is a lot of work, and historically it’s taken a month to really get it all done, but I’ve managed it now in four days - because typing on the framework is so incredibly better than what I had before. I had to get onto it, as soon as I could.

I never understood before what reviews meant about keyboards being flat, or lifeless; they all seemed fine to me.

Now I know, and I can never go back.


For me, it is the same thing. Except thinkpad, it is impossible to type without having to suffer mentally on another keyboard. The framework has the best keyboard I used on a laptop.

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Yep I loved my Macbook keyboard until I started using the framework for a few days, now I can’t go back. Still getting used to the trackpad.
Anyone have recommendations for external wireless keyboards that are similar to the built in keyboard?


This is one thing I was very worried about when I bought it, since I have been on Thinkpads for the last 8 years. I was pleasantly surprised, the keyboard on the Framework is very comparable to the one I have on my T480s, and ones I have tried on some newer X1 Carbons. Not surprising, they use Liteon and they usually make the better ones available for Thinkpads.


My last personal laptop was an XPS 13 and its’ keyboard was quite good; it was a relief the Framework wasn’t a step down but improved the experience.

Contrast that with the late model MBP I use for work: it’s simultaneously lifeless and super -sensitive, to the point where I can’t even use it if I haven’t trimmed my nails within the last four days.

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