Keyboard questions

Last year, before discovering Framework laptops, i purchased a made to order laptop. I was tired of “off the shelf” products that never quite met my spec needs. Now I have a laptop that is fantastic, except for the keyboard. The keys are flat. I can no longer touch type fast. In checking specs for the Framework laptops, I find the same lack of information about the keyboards. Can anyone tell me if the keys are flat, or if they have concave indentations? Thanks!

Keys are as flat as they get on mine
F and J keys have that notch that you can use to situate your fingers on the board for touch typing though, in case that is what you are asking about.

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I think most laptops have moved to flat keys. It’s in order to reduce the laptop’s height. Concave keys require more height to accommodate, and even though it’s only a small amount of room, manufacturers want to save height where ever they can, since it adds up. You might have trouble finding many options for a laptop with much concaveness to their keys.